Outdoor TOP-lists

These lists concern all outdoor events of the senior categories (men & women), since the first competition in 1981.


TOP-100 by event (decathlon & icosathlon included)    


TOP-100 by event (heptathlon & tetradecathlon included)    


Heiko Strüber has updated (August 2016) all-time lists for Masters Men :


M35-39 (Top 24)

M40-44 (Top 27)

M45-49 (Top 28)

M50-54 (Top 30)

M55-59 (Top 22)

M60-64 (Top 19)

M65-69 (Top 11)

M70-74 (Top 6)

For any mistake, please contact directly Heiko by email to : heiko.strueber [at] web.de


The all-time lists below have been updated by Risto Karasmaa (FIN) from 1981 to 2007.

MEN : Icosathlon

Seniors : Over 9’000 points
Seniors : Under 9’000 points

Juniors : All Results

Masters : All Results

All Men : Icosathlon One-Day

WOMEN : Tetradecathlon

All Women : Tetradecathlon & Tetradecathlon One-Day (official)

All Women : Icosathlon & Icosathlon One-Day (inofficial)

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